Our Programme

The Blossom Personal Empowerment Programme (PEP) provides skills based training designed to prepare young people with an intellectual disability (ID) for life as an adult. The programme focuses on identifying the skills they need to support them in their future. It also provides bespoke support, advocacy and information for both the young person and their family during important transition periods in their life.

14-16 Years

Skill Set
  • Social skills
  • Travel training
  • Independence in cafés, shops...

16-18 Years

Skill Set
  • Work experience
  • Job preparation skills
  • Person centred planning

15-20 Years

Skill Set
  • One page profile
  • Goal setting
  • Individualised support

Blossom Connect is only open to
graduates of Explore & Gateway

Blossom Explore 14-16 year olds

Every young person needs the opportunity to have new experiences that will impact the choices they make for the future. Blossom Explore gives young people with an intellectual disability the opportunity to get out and about in the world and start to gain some independence away from parents and the more structured school setting. Blossom Explore teaches valuable life skills such as using public transport, eating out, shopping and road safety in a fun and safe environment.

Participants are taught using a variety of evidence based teaching methods such as video modelling and role play and practically out in the community. Progress is captured and measured across the year for each individual student. In a nutshell Blossom Explore provides the opportunity and support to increase confidence and independence while out in the community with valuable peer mentor support and fun!

Blossom Gateway 16-18 year olds

As the end of secondary level education approaches, young people with ID and their families may feel they have a lack of control and knowledge about what lies ahead. Blossom Gateway aims to give students the opportunity to work on more complex life skills such as coping skills, time management and making choices along with exploring opportunities for life after school. Work sampling days are provided in a variety of settings giving students a real feel for different types of work and work environments.

Young people are also supported to complete work experience in a choice of settings. Graduates of Blossom Gateway leave as confident young people with a better understanding of potential areas of further work or education and the ability to speak up and be heard when needed.

Blossom Connect 15-20 year olds

Connect is only open to graduates of Explore and Gateway

The transition from child to adult services can be daunting for both young people with ID and their families. Change can be scary and is especially scary when you don’t have a clear picture of what the next step is after school or have very limited options made available to you. Blossom Connect is a bespoke service that is primarily offered to graduates of Blossom Explore and Blossom Gateway.

Our Transitions Planning Coordinator works one to one with the young people and their families to create valuable one page profiles and set goals for the short and long term future. Blossom Connect aims to overcome obstacles for each young person in a solution focussed way. Through person centred reviews and follow up support Blossom Connect aims for each young person that avails of the service to simply have the chance to live a life like any other.

Blossom PEP is part-funded by Ability
  • Co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union
  • European Union. Investing in your future. European Social Fund
  • Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
  • Ability
  • Pobal
Ability is co-financed by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020